trè samuels wrote an ep about going from high school to modeling for prada in two days

The model turned musician is here to break your teenage heart.

by i-D Staff
26 May 2016, 6:20am

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A year ago, Trè Samuels was just a regular Melbourne kid eating lunch with his dad on a trip to New York. That was until he was spotted by a model scout and thrust into the world of high fashion. Literally days after being signed he was in Milan working for Prada and trying to work out what was happening.

Not surprisingly, it was a lot to process for the 17-year-old who previously had never considered a career in this kind of spotlight. To help digest this strange, exciting new world the fresh model wrote music. Those songs, about making friends and experiencing the kind of atmosphere most of us can only dream of, eventually formed his debut EP Lost in Translation. Premiering the tracks with i-D he chatted to us about how this project came together, and what it feels like to be a very unassuming breakout star.

So I heard Lost in Translation was inspired by your transition into the modelling world?
A lot of it was about the trip I had for Fashion Week in June 2015. Things changed really quickly for me and a lot of new people were entering and leaving my life. I guess it was really just the energy I was getting from the trip and then coming home and writing about every emotion I felt being away. That's really what inspired me for this EP.

That feels like a lot to process when you hadn't really considered a career in modelling previously.
Yeah totally, I mean my first job was Prada in Milan two days after signing. It was pretty wild.

How do you prepare yourself when things are happening so fast?
I didn't really have time to. I was signed and then two days later I flew home to Melbourne. After a 23 hour flight I woke up to an email saying I had to fly to Milan. It was so last minute I didn't have time to prepare, as soon as I landed it was all just adrenalin.

I kind of feel for your parents, that must have been super intense for them.
It must be pretty crazy, but the love I have for those guys is crazy, they're super supportive. My dad has taken a crazy amount of work off. He's dedicated to helping me with my goals, which is amazing. Not many parents would do that for their kids. Also my mum is staying home with my siblings while I'm gone. All that type of stuff isn't really easy on anyone, but I love those people. They're super supportive.

How do you manage to balance all this with school?
To be honest I really struggled last year, I find school isn't really flexible with travelling, especially when there are exams and stuff. I made the decision halfway through last year to do home schooling with my dad who is also a teacher so our schedule is the time that we make to do certain things. It's a lot easier that way, there's a lot less stress and when we're travelling we don't have to do things to please the teacher because it's just me and him.

You were discovered in New York, then returned for fashion week. How was that?
New York Fashion Week was cool. New York's my favourite place so it's always good going back there. I did 10 shows and with that weather too, I think it hit minus 17 degrees at one point, I was really struggling. Especially with me being super skinny and all, it just hits my bones and I can't deal with that stuff at all. But it was amazing; it's a great experience always.

Can we talk about the YEEZY Season 3 show?
That was something else, I mean the fact he had it at Madison Square Garden it was wild! It was a concert and a fashion show in one and I was like standing on this weird platform that was killing my ankles because it was on this weird angle. But as soon as the music came on I got the shakes, I was so close to crying.

You're trying to focus on music too, how are you going trying to set up shows, do school and work?
As of yet there are no shows lined up because I think with this travelling for modeling it's kind of hard to do. But performing will definitely be a focus when I get back. I think I might be setting a few gigs up when I'm overseas, but the modeling schedule is insane. I'll just be creating new music on the trip.

'Lost in Translation' will be released on Friday the 27th of May with Creamy Spies.



Text Hannah Butterworth
Photography Melissa Cowan

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