young franco: music to…roll the windows down

Take the edge off with this smooth new mix made for i-D by the rising star DJ/producer.

09 November 2015, 6:20am

photography jackson loria

Young Franco is a talented young DJ/producer from Brisbane who plays smooth house, funk and disco guaranteed to take off the edge. The mix he's created for i-D is inspired by a recent trip to the UK and he describes it as "the kind of music I listen to mainly in my downtime, but also what I love hearing in clubs, bars, coffee shops...pretty much anywhere. It's an eclectic mix of everything I love." With his new single Don't You Want Me out, roll down the windows and press play for 50 minutes of liquid gold. 


Pyxis, Dilla

CTEPEO 57, Kackwursthouse 

Kartell, Mood 

Detroit Swindle, Monkey Wrench 


Harvey Sutherland, Bamboo 

Pomo, How I Feel 

Darius, Vanyll 

Klaves, YYY 

Opolopo, Get On Up 

Young Franco, Brooklyn

Detroit Swindle, Brotherman 

Blonde, All Cried Out (NVOY Remix) 

Disclosure, Holding On (Pomo Remix) 

Saint WKND, Positive Vibe 

Karma Kid, Bird Of Prey 

Music to shift your mood from staying in to staying up all night…
Staying up all night, my go to is Detroit Swindle. Amazing house music that doesn't really get old.

Music for fiery arguments and emotional goodbyes…
Hero - Regina Spektor (Such a tune, if you think otherwise you're lying)

Music to kiss and make up to…
Man Like Me - Patrick Watson, amazing artist.

Music to heal a broken heart…
I'm really big into Cinematic Orchestra, they do this really amazing electronic/jazz music. I love to put on their records on when I'm feeling down.

Music to get high to…
In Colour - Jamie XX (I don't think you need to get high to enjoy this music BUT I remember listening to it completely sober and having a pretty surreal moment, great album).

Music to change your night from mediocre to magnificent…
Voices - Disclosure, I play this song in a lot of my sets lately. Such a jam!

Music to take a long drive to…
I love listening to albums on long drives, one of my favourites is probably Frank Ocean - Channel Orange, such a great album.

Music to walk down the aisle to…
ANYTHING Waka Flocka.

Music you'd like played at your funeral…
Waka Flocka

Music to have sex to…
Waka Flocka (FLOCKA)

Music to celebrate your birthday to…
Celebrate - Kool & The Gang

Music guaranteed to give you serious swagger…
Shutdown - Skepta

Music to make even the wallflowers dance…
Dawn - Basenji

Music that could put even an insomniac to sleep...
Without You - Spooky Black

Young Franco Soundcloud here.