listen to 'pretty', the new single that had baro strung up for over a year

Baro would like you to know, this track really is special.

by i-D Staff
19 April 2017, 2:55am

Artists always say songs are special to them, it's bad business not to. No one wants to listen to something you kind of just threw together. But Baro is insistent, Pretty, the new track off his upcoming EP, really is something else. One of the first songs he started working on after picking up a guitar, he toiled over it for a year, eventually completing six totally different versions before settling on this one. Considering all the time it's ingested you can understand why he explains that to him it "Doesn't really sound like a single but it's more than the concept of a single to me." Continuing he explained to i-D, "As it is disguised as a love song, it revolves around insecurities and self-love issues when yearning for somebody."

Enjoy a sneak peek of it here before the EP drops 19 May. We hope the rest of the tracks were a little less stressful.

Check out Baro on his Fuck The Judge tour next month.

20 May at Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

26 Mat at Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

27 May at Hudson Ballroom, Sydney

3 July at the Foundry, Brisbane



Photography James J Robinson

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