​the soundtrack to your weekend ft. higher brothers, travis scott and mount kimbie

Chinese hip-hop, King Krule collaborations, and a cover of Eminem’s Stan.

Jul 15 2017, 2:28am

Still vía YouTube

Higher Brothers + joji, Nomadic
Recognise these guys? Maybe you heard the collaboration with Keith Ape on their lols ode to China's message service of choice, WeChat. Other tunes from their forthcoming album include Made In China and Bitch Don't Kill My Dab. This one's got warped videogame style visuals and seems to be about, well, life on the road as a free spirited Higher Brother.

Travis Scott, The Butterfly Effect
Looks like Travis Scott just wrote a themesong for The Butterfly Effect 13 years too late. Awesome young production duo BRTHR brought his psychedelic vision to life. It's quite A$AP's L$D does LA, not before swerving through Camden to grab some costumes for the models from Cyberdog. Supernatural indeed.

Japanese Breakfast, Road Head
According to a quick google image search, a Japanese breakfast consists of rice, salmon and miso soup. Just as delicious sounding is the music of Michelle Zauner. Her new album Soft Sounds From Another Planet is out today, and this is the latest track from it to get her self-directed somehow Twin Peaks-inspired video treatment. We reckon the co-star of her self-directed video is pretty out of this world too. You know a music video's going to be good when there are credits for Monster Designer.

Bugzy Malone, Dan ft. Shola Ama
Whoever paired Eminem with Dido was a total genius. Stan, one of the greatest songs of all time and forever in the top three karaoke tunes to duet to, has been reinterpreted here by Manchester MC Bugzy and a certain Ms Shola Ama of Imagine fame. Here, they deliver the whole thing in the 1Xtra studio complete with screeching brakes and car splash sound. How amazing does Shola look?

Mount Kimbie, Blue Train Lines (feat. King Krule)
Teaming up with their old pal King Krule, Blue Train Lines likens veins to tracks and makes us all feel a bit queasy. This one follows new collaborations with James Blake and Micachu, all taken from forthcoming album Love What Survives, out 8 September on Warp. We're looking forward to seeing Dom, Kai and their new material at Latitude this weekend.

Leikeli47, Miss Me
Making a bandana to the face look like the hottest thing since your mum, Leikeli47 is charged up like a Tesla and bringing the swag sauce. The NY rapper's got our attention.

Cartae, Long Time
This addictive heartache-fuelled pop tune comes from London singer Cartae with production by Ragz Originale of Skepta's Shutdown fame. There's not a lot better than a video full of easy to follow dance moves either.

Ross From Friends, Romeo, Romeo
Not actually Ross from FRIENDS here getting kind of romantic, maybe even questioning whether a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, etc. This tune has us wishing somebody would take us to Ibiza, plonk us in front of a slowly setting sun and for God's sake stick a beer in our hand. It's only fair. Taken from future LP The Outsiders, out on Magicwire 28 July.

Shabazz Palaces, Welcome To Quazarz
Shabaz Palaces promised us twin sci-fi Afrofuturist concept albums today. We haven't had time to listen to them yet but we already love them if they're anything like this delightfully trippy video that introduces viewers to the idea of Quazarz: a sentient being from somewhere else, an observer sent to Amurderca who's bewildered by the post-truth, highly-individualistic, social-media-obsessed world he finds. Same.

Sälen, So Rude
Oh my god! It's our mates Salen, as Sims, twisting in ways they shouldn't be twisting. This is mad. We're getting horrible urges to make them all fall in love with each other before telling them to take a quick dip in a pool with no steps. Catch them at the Umami party they're throwing at The Ace Hotel on 30 July for all the best mouth feels.


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