​have odd future split?

Tyler The Creator breaks the hearts of millions in a series of cryptic tweets.

by i-D Staff
28 May 2015, 1:14pm

Our mate Tyler got super nostalgic late last night with a series of tweets that included throwbacks to a group shot from 2010, "i miss my friends alot. 5 years later isnt that long but wow soooo much has happened", and finally - most crucially - "although its no more, those 7 letters are forever." 

The 7 letters presumably referred to OFWGKTA, with the tweet very strongly suggesting that the LA collective have broken up. Though disappointing to fans, this hardly comes as a surprise considering the fact that they haven't released a group record since 2012 and have broken off to work on their own solo projects - particularly Tyler, Frank Ocean, and Early Sweatshirt. 

"WHAT THE HELL DID I WAKEUP TO", Tyler tweeted this morning, speaking like a man who had a late-night deep and meaningful with his girlfriend without considering the consequences. He was hit with hundreds of ME CRYING/a whole lot of people depressed/MY LIFE SUCKING BECAUSE ODD FUTURE IS DONE BYE. We love you Odd Future, but we understand that all good things come to and end.


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