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      video: drool - end girl

      Cara Stricker and John Kirby are Drool and the video for their new song 'End Girl' depicts an experiential utopia and an LA dreamscape devoid of boundaries.

      video: drool - end girl video: drool - end girl video: drool - end girl

      Drool is the fascinatingly ambitious project by artist Cara Stricker and musician John Kirby. As Drool they collaborate with creative friends like Dev Hynes and Abbey Lee, create music, film, art, live performance and explore the digital realm in new ways and it all comes together as a harmonious, multi-layered project of love.

      They stand for sexual freedom and universal consciousness as well as equality and unity and its these themes that drive their work. End Girl is a sexy, repetitive, mesmerising track and the music video gives it context in a house full of liberated friends where all is not what it seems. Watch and interpret how you will. 

      Drool release their 12 track album, distributed by Terrible Records, today. It will be available on custom cassette and digitally. Upon purchase of the custom cassette, an individualised love note will allow access to download and view a 40 minute film and album at

      Drool will be performing a series of live shows on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th with lots of special guests and all details can be found here

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