two french record sleuths have released a compilation of perfect rarities

Stocked at Colette, 'Sky Girl' is a music lover's dream.

by Briony Wright
12 August 2016, 1:04pm

Sky GirlSky Girl'

is a new compilation of rare haunting folk and new wave recordings issued in small quantities on private labels between 1961 and 1991. If not for s release, it's likely many of these tracks would never have reached another ear.

Responsible for mining these gems are French collectors DJ Sundae and Julien Dechery, who hunted through long-folded home label operations, the depths of the internet and traceless acetates to produce a truly beautiful and haunting collection of songs. You have them to thank for purchasing one of 100 copies of "Sarra," the sweetest, saddest love song of all time, which appears on the comp.

Released on Noise In My Head's offshoot Efficient Space and with cover art by P.A.M,'s Misha Hollenbach, the collector's item is being stocked at Colette in Paris.

To accompany the record, film makers and label cohorts Glen Goetze & Brendan Macleod have produced a short film inspired by the music and the tales of the artists involved. Part documentary, part fuzzy dream, it shows clips of found footage, and snippets of wistful conversations with the compilation artists who were able to be reached. It's weird and wonderful and you can see it below. 

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