spanish feminists free the nipple in support of bullied teen

After going around the world, the #FreeTheNipple phenomena arrives in Spain with the hashtag #TetasporManuela (Tits for Manuela)

by Álvaro Piñero
26 August 2015, 4:08am

Imagen vía @caitlinjstasey

#FreeTheNipple Has revolutionised the way we understand internet activism. Celebrities, feminists, and Icelandic people - and even some men - have joined the fight for equality in the last year and now it's Spain's turn with #TetasporManuela, an initiative that supports a young girl who was harassed via Twitter by over 200 guys after uploading a photo showing her nipple. 

Manuela then reported on social media the treatment she had received from users of Twitter (mostly men). Manuela was already a feminist activist of the group @QueerAvengersSP and her colleague Iria Morris created the hashtag to defend the integrity of her partner, and with it, all the women in the world who face these attacks on a daily basis. 

Throughout the entire weekend, #TetasporManuela and #TT has become a mass phenomenon in Spain. However, both supporters and trolls have raised their voices supporting and questioning the goal of her tweets. Some argue this is only a plan to gain popularity on the Internet. Alas, as much as the younger generation insists on supporting gender equality, there is still a large part of society that tends to associate the female body with sexual content. When we will this situation end once and for all?


Texto Álvaro Piñero