pai is melbourne's freshest face

New Melbourne label Pai are one of the city's freshest faces, having officially just launched. Last year they gave us a preview on i-D pals Banoffee and Oscar Key Sung.

by i-D Team
08 April 2015, 2:50am

Photography Jordan Drysdale

Angie Pai and Adrian Bressanutti are two Melbourne cool kids who after being buddies for less than a year decided to start a label. A few months later and they managed to build hype as one of the city's chillest new names. Pretty impressive seeing as Pai just officially launched only last week. 

Through the all consuming power of the Internet and social media the two have been blowing people's minds with their simple, clean, 90s skater inspired designs despite still finalising their samples. By decking their friends (think Banoffee, Oscar Key Sung, and the kids from Klo music) out in their threads they've made sure their pieces were must haves before they had even settled on a name.

You guys haven't known each other long considering you're working together, is it a love or hate relationship?
Angie: I hate that he's so nice because it makes me feel like a bitch.
Adrian: I'd love to hate her but I don't.

How did Pai start?
Angie: I had an idea that I couldn't do myself, so I roped Adrian into it. I'm really sorry Adrian.

Who is a Pai person?
Angie: When we think of a person who wears Pai, we see a group of people that appreciate how art can transcended into a platform relevant to their daily lives. In Melbourne especially, it's so nice to see creative processes being inter-weaved into more and more of the society. We'd like to be apart of this movement, which was what ultimately brought us together.

How have you got such cool kids to wear your gear before your have even started?
Angie: We sent out a few MSN messages and Myspace contacts. They broke out in a riot and the four survivors got to rep the gear.
Adrian: Nah, but seriously most are good mates and others we just asked. They've all kindly said yes, and we're so thankful to have support from these super kind mad dogs.

At the moment you're just samples, when can we expect the first drop?
Adrian: Yes. We're keeping our fingers busy sewing and embroidering the sample collection together, so we can share it asap. The first drop can be expected in December when we have our launch. We'll try to keep all those interested in the loop via social media.

Where does the inspiration from the collection and imagery come from?
Angie: The concept behind our designs have a strong affinity with geometrical elements, building the character. I have always been inspired by artists such as Picasso, his cubist artworks, and Matisse—as well as more contemporary artists like Moonassi. Pushing boundaries through limiting strokes in artworks have always been fun, challenging concepts to go further with less. This echoes and resonates through much of my creative process. So I thought it important to portray these elements in a project that means so much to me.

How do you two find a balance while collaborating?
Adrian: We're both from creative fields so finding a balance can be a little challenging sometimes. We play separate roles when it comes to the business operation side of things. Though we both feed off each other daily. When it comes to collaborating, it's really a blank canvas. We chuck a whole bunch of shit onto the table and then it kinda just happens. When we disagree, the nunchucks come out.



Text Jamie-Maree Shipton
Photography Jordan Drysdale
Styling Jamie-Maree Shipton
Hair Monique Postma
Make up Ellie Tseriotis
Models Simon Lam, Chloe Kaul, Banoffee, Oscar Key Sung