premiere: lastlings, unreality ep

Wrap yourself in the sounds of the first EP from the dreamy Australian siblings known as Lastlings.

by i-D Staff
21 January 2016, 2:05am

The first five track EP from brother, sister duo Josh and Amy Dowdle is a velvety experience awash with dreamy vocals and sadly beautiful synths and beats. For a young band (Amy is still in high school!), the songs reveal an incredible maturity and depth. Described as "a summary of the first few months" of the band, their intention with Unreality is to take listeners to a place that is surreal yet familiar. 

Largely self-produced and recorded, with production assistance from Govs, aka Josiah Birrell, we imagine these guys will be as successful at starting a dance floor as they will be at providing bedroom soundtracks to deep moments and teenage heartbreaks.


1. Iriguchi

2. Another Way

3. Wavelength

4. Chills

5 Verona