kylie minogue's guide to australia

Kylie's Top 5 recommendations for a good time down under.

by i-D Staff
28 May 2014, 6:50am

While Kylie Minogue's favourite spot in Australia, on the rare occasion she's back, is probably her mum and dad's couch, she's spent enough time in the country to accrue a handful of special places beyond those walls - a girl has to eat after all. It's a big land but with Kylie's guide especially for you, you can put yourself in her place. These are her Top 5 recommendations for a good time down under.

vue de monde

"I recently dined at Vue de Monde restaurant for the first time and loved the food."

donovans restaurant

"The food is great and it's right on the beach."

melbourne's botanical gardens

"Just paradise."

the kimberleys

"It's very remote but it's worth it - the Kimberleys are an incredible area of Australia to discover."

the great barrier reef

"All the colours of the rainbow under the sea."