​quentin tarantino steals the scene in this supercut

The cult director knows his film history and use of it, as this compilation of classic scenes shows.

by Charlotte Gush
05 June 2015, 1:22am

Everyone knows that Tarantino is a movie buff and that his films are littered with cinematic references, but perhaps we didn't realise just how faithfully he has recreated scenes and shots from some of his favourite flicks. We do now, thanks to a three-minute supercut by Jacob T. Swinney, a movie buff himself and the same guy who recently cut together all of Tarantino's epic driving scenes.

Tarantino has referenced and recreated shots and scenes from spaghetti westerns, martial arts movies, gangster flicks and horror films. Did you know Pulp Fiction borrowed the finger-drawn square-in-the-air graphic from the Flintstones, and Mia's red lips speaking into a tannoy close-up from The Warriors (1979)? And that the tense split-screen nurse scene from Kill Bill: Vol 1 was inspired by the trailer for 1977 film Black Sunday?

Quentin Tarantino