nike ceo leads the fashion industry’s condemnation of trump’s muslim ban

In a strong statement, the company comes out to make a stand 'against bigotry and discrimination'.

by Felix Petty
31 January 2017, 9:13pm

Remember when decent people all started burning and boycotting New Balance after the American company came out and said that with Trump in power, "thing are going to start moving in the right direction"? Well, Trump's been in power for 11 days now, and the direction we're moving in would appear to be the far right.

After Trump's ban on Muslims entering the country came into force on Saturday, it was met with protests from all strata of society, from NYC taxi drivers to the Hadid sisters to Google CEO Sergey Brin. Condemnation from around the world rang out too, with tens of thousands of people demonstrating in London and across the UK last night, protesting the Muslim Ban, Theresa May's failure to condemn it, and Trump's impending state visit to the UK.

In the fashion industry, one American sneaker brand are determined to find themselves on the right side of history. Nike CEO Mark Peter has released a powerful statement against Trump's racist and self-defeating actions. The letter is in support of Nike-sponsored British Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah - the Somali-born athlete is just one of many who'd be subjected to Trump's executive order. It's not the first time Nike have stepped into politics - after boxer Manny Pacquiao made anti-gay statements, they dropped him from a sponsorship deal. This latest statement is definitely worth reading in full, below.

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