why cynthia nixon (a.k.a. miranda hobbes) is uniquely suited for politics

Cynthia Nixon as Governor of New York would be a win for progressives and ‘Sex and the City’ fans everywhere.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
10 August 2017, 11:45am


This week rumors began circulating that Cynthia Nixon was considering running against Andrew Cuomo as Governor of New York next year. Then, during an appearance on Today, Nixon was asked if she'd be behind a podium soon. Her answer was a bit coy to say the least…

"I think there are a lot of people who would like me to run," Nixon answered. "I think for a variety of reasons, but the one number is education."

Nixon went on to share some sobering facts about public education in New York. She pointed out there is an alarming disparity between how much the state spends on schools in wealthy districts versus how much it spends on schools in high-need areas. "Between our hundred richest schools and our hundred poorest schools there's a $10,000 gap on what we spend per pupil," she said. "We are the 49th in terms of equitable funding. That means there's only one state worse than us and that's Illinois."

While Nixon may not be the first person you think of when it comes to politics, the actress is actually well-positioned for the job:

She's an LGBT rights activist
Since publicly coming out in 2010, Cynthia Nixon has become a fierce advocate for LGBT rights. When same sex marriage was still being decided on a state-by-state basis, she campaigned in over twenty states for the human right. The day after Trump announced his immigration ban, Nixon held a solidarity rally in front of the iconic gay bar Stonewall Inn. She gave a passionate and inspiring speech there, saying, "We need to come out not just as queer, but as people who know all too well what it feels like to be put in a box that says 'other,' less than,' 'easy target if you're looking for someone to bully, harass, discriminate against, demonize, beat up, even kill."

She's been honing her political skills
And she's not the kind of celebrity to speak out on camera about injustices and call it a day. She has matured into an active, multidimensional political figure: campaigning around the nation, organizing fundraisers and benefits, and rubbing shoulders with the right people. In fact, Nixon's activism is so prominent, The New York Times wrote an entire profile on Nixon as a rising liberal politics star back in 2013.

She's passionate about education

As she demonstrated during her Today interview, Nixon is extremely well-versed on the facts and statistics surrounding New York's education budget and how the state can improve. She's been speaking out about the issue for years, in fact. In 2014, she talked at an American Federation of Teachers event, calling for the state to invest more money in schools and stop placing all the blame on teachers for underperforming students.

She has plenty of influential friends to shine light on important causes
Cynthia Nixon is well-connected to New York's finest, and could easily call on friends like Alec Baldwin, Mayor Bill de Blasio (who she threw a benefit dinner for), and the SATC cast to help bring attention to major state issues. (We know Carrie would never be caught dead on a train, but could we get Sarah Jessica Parker to film a PSA for increasing MTA funding?) And think about Nixon's own star power. Her comments about education on Today have been highly-covered and have gotten people talking about the state of education in New York.

She's majorly anti-Trump
Nixon has let it be well-known that she disagrees with Trump on just about everything. When she won Best Featured Actress for her role in The Little Foxes at the Tonys this year, she used her acceptance speech to speak out against Trump's efforts to disenfranchise minorities and chip away at women's rights. She said: "Eighty years ago (Hellman) wrote, 'there are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it and other people who just stand around and watch them do it. My love, my gratitude and my undying respect go out to all the people in 2017 who are refusing to just stand and watch them do it." *Mic drop.*

She's already mastered the art of pantsuits

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As Miranda Hobbes, Nixon knew how to turn a pantsuit into something unique and funky and we're sure she'll show us how it's done, once again, if she hits the campaign trail. Miranda was wearing androgynous, boxy, oversized suits wayyy before Demna Gvasalia began making them for Balenciaga and Vetements. Incredible.

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