​miss me? not on 24 hour radio station drake 92.7

The closest thing to intravenous Drake -- a whole radio station dedicated to October’s very own.

by Charlotte Gush
16 August 2015, 1:34pm

Can't get enough of Drake? You are in luck! As of this weekend, a radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina, is playing songs by, featuring or associated with Drake 24 hours a day. Drake 92.7 appears to have started broadcasting on Friday night online and on the 92.7 frequency in Charlotte, seemingly having replaced a religious channel, Praise 92.7 (which is still broadcasting on 100.9). It has Instagram and Twitter accounts, a phone number and, between tracks, is promising "a special announcement" on Monday.

Rumours are swirling about who set the station up, with some believing it to be the 6 God himself -- though people have questioned whether it is legal for a Canadian to own an American radio station. Others have speculated that the 24/7 Drake programming is a stunt, raising interest in the station ahead of a switch -- that "special announcement -- to general hip hop broadcasting that would rival the local Power 98 hip hop station (on 97.9).

Still more people don't care how or why the station came to be, preferring to simply let the smooth Drake-filled airwaves wash over them, all day.

Listen to Drake 92.7 online at drake927.com


Photography The Come Up Show

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