video premiere: audioopera, poor handwriting

Take an exclusive sneak peak into the shimmering forthcoming album from AudioOpera.

by i-D Staff
01 October 2015, 1:04am

Shiny and shimmering, Graeme Barrett aka AudioOpera is the producer coming straight out of Winnipeg, Canada making pop-flecked, sleek electronic music. Complex synth textures ensue as Barrett prepares to drop his upcoming album, The Runaway Prince on Nick Koenig (Hot Sugar)'s label, Noise Collector Records. Stating that his inspiration for the track came from a scene of Pirates of the Caribbean, AudioOpera says "This was the first song I made for the project and an anchor in what I wanted the project to sound like. It goes for a tough luck kind of vibe where you strive for something and you get what you get. I often turn to movies for inspiration, and specifically the feeling they leave you with". Delay no more and press play on this exclusive look into the forthcoming album from AudioOpera, this is Poor Handwriting.