photographing fantasy beauty rituals that aren't far from the truth

Step into a new world of beauty, inspired by the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge, memes, and superglue.

by i-D Staff
04 May 2016, 9:41am

Beauty is bizarre. It always has been. In the 1800's we powdered our faces with zinc. In the 1950's, we started getting bootleg silicon breast implants. Today, we have sharable rituals like clown contouring and the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. The latter forgoes self-care and risks self-multination, so it's easy to empathise with people who walk away from modern beauty regimes a little confused. Photographer Aleksandra Kingo certainly was. In fact, she found it all so bizarre that she became obsessed.

Aleksandra dreamed up alternative beauty routines, taking primping and preening to it's natural limit; then one step further. Soon after, she brought her fantasies to life in front of the camera. In the Spa Day photo series, our already kooky rituals become utterly surreal. "[The images] are inspired by Internet culture," Aleksandra told The Creators Project, "we are often left overwhelmed by the controversial and contradictory information, which dominates the pages of women's magazines and inches of blog content." Aleksandra's simply exploiting the world of beauty around us, in the most unique and unsettling ways imaginable. In her world, salmon acts as a face-mask, super-glue attaches nails, and house-paint drips off toes. Dive in.


Photography Aleksandra Kingo