premiere: doprah's new video imagines hell in windows 98

For their latest track the Christchurch band teamed up with animator Paul Roper to create a beautiful futuristic nightmare.

by i-D Staff
28 July 2016, 1:24am

For Machinery, the third and final video off their debut album Wasting, Christchurch band Doprah visit an engaging visual nightmare. Don't get us wrong, animator Paul Roper has created a fitting virtual world for the track the band describes as "sinister and multi-layered, a twisted celebration of power and destruction," it's just not somewhere you'd want to hang around too long.

Already well versed in setting a perfectly ominous mood, Doprah and Paul draw the viewer down a wonky rabbit hole that's part 90s computer game and part apocalyptic visual art experiment — with a bit of Easter Island thrown in for good measure. The final offering is Paul's response to the song's lyrics, that the band describe as "essentially a criticism in reverse-perspective of apathetic corporate powers and mass-production." With that in mind, you couldn't really expect anything less than an unsettling and hypnotic digital dystopia.