​exclusive clip: see how janis joplin met her psychedelic band

Chet Helms describes how he introduced Joplin to Big Brother and the Holding Company in this exclusive clip from the new biopic 'Little Girl Blue.'

by Charlotte Gush
30 January 2016, 1:40am

Disarming Films

The Janis Joplin biopic Little Girl Blue, directed by Amy J. Berg and narrated by Chan Marshall (better known as Cat Power), is a week away from its European debut. 

In anticipation of the film's UK opening, i-D presents an exclusive clip from it. In it, promoter and band manager Chet Helms describes how he persuaded Joplin to return to San Francisco -- a place she had been avoiding since becoming a meth addict there a few years earlier -- in order to check out Levon Helm's band that was looking for new members.

Helms explains that the then-sober Joplin listened to two songs before saying, "That's what I wanna do!" and he arranged for her to join Big Brother and the Holding Company; she went on to record the incredible album "Cheap Thrills" -- including the iconic track "Piece of My Heart" -- with the band. 

In the clip, you can hear Cat Power read a letter Joplin sent to her parents when she moved back to San Francisco, acknowledging that they would be mad at her for going back to a place where she had been so unhealthy, but explaining that Chet Helms "now is Mr. Big in SF," and adding, "Seems the whole city had gone rock-and-roll, and it has!"

Check out the clip, and then give the awesome Cheap Thrills a (re)listen in its entirety before heading to the movie theater!

Janis: Little Girl Blue opens in UK cinemas on February 5.


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