to love somebody, ryan mcginley

Everything is about love really; every song, book, painting and text message, so we’ll keep it short. Love will change you, but never in the way you think. Love is strange, but being in love is the most normal thing in the world. There is nothing...

by Jack Sunnucks
04 July 2016, 11:45pm

"I met my boyfriend Marc last spring. We fell in love under a NYC cherry blossom tree and we just hit our first year of being in each other's lives. We live together in Chinatown in Manhattan. I shoot most of my photos of him on my iPhone. I love coming home while Marc is practicing his Viola da Gamba, playing Baroque arrangements. This year we've travelled to Spain, Italy, Miami, Tokyo, and quite often to San Francisco, where Marc is from. Marc is interested in everything Baroque. He loves all the art, music, and architecture from that era. He knows every religious and mythological story behind most old paintings. He is one of the sweetest human beings on planet earth and gets along with everyone, people fall in love with his good heart. Marc loves to dress up and is very opinionated about fashion. He drinks bubble tea three times a day."


Text Jack Sunnucks
Photography Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley
the futurewise issue