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      music interviews Briony Wright 11 August 2016

      pet is the new home for an inspiring cast of creative women

      Launching with a showcase series and online platform, expect to see amazing work from this initiative.

      pet is the new home for an inspiring cast of creative women pet is the new home for an inspiring cast of creative women pet is the new home for an inspiring cast of creative women
      Naomi Shimada

      Cara Stricker and Madeline O'Moore are the minds behind a new, ambitious initiative called PET. Devised as a unique platform for female filmmakers, musicians and artists, their mission is to create a space for these artists and friends to make and release work — either individually or collectively — in a totally fluid and unrestricted environment. In doing this, they hope to bring some compellingly talented and unique voices to the foreground. They also see it as a way of helping to correct the gender imbalance that so evidently exists across the creative industries.

      To begin with, PET will exist as a six-part event series with different people performing and creating work on each occasion. The first party tonight provides an insight into the calibre of performers we're set to see. The lineup includes folk-rock goddesses Beau, Azul, acclaimed violinist Margot and actor-producer Sonja Mauro. Other artists included in the collective who'll be part of future initiatives include: Abbey Lee, AZUL, Louise Chen, Naomi Shimada, Lizzy Sanford, Sonja Mauro, Natalia Parsonson, Soliana Habte, Natalie O'Moore, Anna Cordell, Kate Silver, Dana Marcolina, Diana Irvine, Nicole Van Stratum, Jedda Daisy Culley, Gina Gammell, Vivianne LaPointe, Margot, Chela and Yan Sze.

      It's a formidable collection of talents and audiences are undoubtably in for a treat. The opening party will also correspond with the launch of their online platform, PET.COOL, where the work of the performers will live in an evolving showcase of their creations. To get greater insight into the project, we spoke to Cara about her hopes, dreams and hard work.

      i-D: What compelled you to start PET?
      I think it's important to have women working together and curating at a high level to balance out the industry. Many of us have worked together before but PET provides more of a formal way of creating together and supporting each other in sustainable model. Everyone has free reign over how they want to use PET - no one has ownership but everything will keep feeding into it.

      So it's exclusively female?
      It's really gender inclusive but aiming to help balance out the imbalance in the industry.

      What can we expect at the performances? 
      It's all female producers. Margot the violinist is performing new work with Sonja, which is super exciting. Azul is so incredible but hasn't really been seen before, she's about to drop the most incredible record. National Sawdust is a non-profit event space in Williamsburg who have come on as a partner. They're known for their acoustic set up so it will sound incredible. We also have live virtual reality painting using this new technology called Tilt Brush. Each musician has chosen an artist they are inspired by who'll be painting live as they perform. It'll kind of be like dancing with someone else's eyes.

      Sounds incredible. We're looking forward to seeing what comes out of this in the future. Why did you call it PET?
      Because it's something you really want to look after and nurture.

      Tickets and info here


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