behind the scenes with staz lindes and lucy folk

With the release of her new collection Poison Ivy, the talented jeweller shares her travel snaps and BTS action with i-D fave Staz Lindes.

by Erin McConchie
23 July 2015, 4:20am

Melbourne jeweller Lucy Folk is taking us on a nostalgic trip back to the 90s with her latest Poison Ivy collection. Think of that first heart-shaped ring mixed with a crush on Leo in Romeo and Juliet and Drew Barrymore's pout. It is innocence with an edge inspired by the lust and frivolity of Folk's teenage years.

Moonstones, diamonds, rubies and pearls shimmer cheekily from precious metals in the form of simple rings, cuffs and necklaces and we are fatally attracted to the latest colour-soaked cocktail clutches. i-D's own Julia Sarr-Jamois has previously collaborated with Folk on a fresh range of juicy sunglasses. For this collection she's worked with i-D favourite Staz Lindes and stylist Imogen Barron in LA to bring the collection to life.

Meanwhile Lucy has been gallivanting around the globe on a jealousy-inducing trip and sent us some pictures of her travels, including on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean. Hey, we all need to find inspiration somewhere!

Poison Ivy is available in store and online now.


On the Poison Ivy shoot with Staz Lindes and Imogen Barron.

Lucy Folk gathering inspo.

The boat.

The lunch. 


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