all the 'single' ladies! beyoncé may be on #thenew10

Department of U.S. Treasury to $10: "Let me upgrade U."

by i-D Staff
09 October 2015, 7:20pm

Quick! Can you name who's on a $10 bill?

If you (correctly) guessed Alexander Hamilton, it's probably because you've seen SNL's 2009 Digital Short Lazy Sunday in which Andy Samberg (swoon) likens overpriced movie tickets to the assassination of our founding father in a hilariously aggressive rap.

Point being, we're way overdue for an updated YouTube video reference and more importantly, a fresh face to emblazon our nation's double digit currency. The painfully hip Department of U.S. Treasury has called upon the trusted(?) people of the internet to choose the mug you'll be searching for in your purse/pocket/cleavage when the bartender utters those panic-inducing words "cash only."

By using hashtag #thenew10 you can "share your ideas, symbols, designs" for the new bill you'd like to make it rain with, but it seems like the people have already spoken:

via @itsvontae


Text Taylor Ford
Photography Matt Jones
Styling Marina Burini
[The Health Issue, No. 268, August 06]

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