amandla stenberg’s new movie could make her a superstar

Although, she has always been a star to us.

by Wendy Syfret
27 September 2016, 4:20am

After delivering one of The Hunger Games' most poignant performances, Amandla Stenberg is once again taking on an epic movie trilogy. The only difference is four years after we were introduced to her as Rue, she's in the lead role. The actress and social justice advocate will play Ruby Daly, the central character in the Darkest Minds trilogy. Based on a series of books — sounds familiar — by author Alexandra Bracken, the story follows a teenager with telekinetic abilities in a dystopian future when young people are oppressed by their elders and begin to revolt. It's a topic the Gen-Z activist probably feels pretty at home with — you know, other than the whole mind-control part.

No doubt the role will mark a new stage for Amandla, who drew recent praise for her turn in As You Are which took out the special jury prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Although she's already a hero to countless young people, who are inspired by her eloquent and resolute commitment to standing up for what she believes in, a franchise like this could make her a household name. 

It's all especially impressive when you consider she's fitting these casual movie star moments between directing her own films, studying at NYU, working on her poetry, writing comic books and appearing in the occasional international fashion campaign. Kind of make you feel like you should pick up a hobby. 



Text Wendy Syfret
Photography Oliver Hadlee Pearch