drake drops 15-minute mini movie

The rapper discreetly linked to a short film - part doc, part dream sequence - on Twitter today.

by Stuart Brumfitt
13 February 2015, 12:54am

"How was your night pa?" asks the driver. "It was alright" replies a sad-looking Drake from the back of a Rolls-Royce. What feels like it's about to be a long-play music video, is in fact a general musing on Drake's life, with lush instrumentals and a tease of a fuller track (at 6.06) that hints at his next album.

After some more literal chat about how he's trying to balance his sanity and cut back the drinking, the smoking and the late nights, the film surveys Drake's past - from singing and rapping as a speccy youth to his first attempts to hit the club scene - and Toronto, the city that made him.

We see Drake go from throwing snowballs to throwing bills, and as ever there's that overriding sense of Drake's loneliness and his quest for love beyond the red-lit sleazy bars shown in the film. He takes most joy joking round with hits buddies - we see him hanging out with them outside the corner store, then chatting shit in the car with a few buddies, before telling them (note to self on how to exit a dreary conversation), "I'm off this convo." Check the full 14.40 minutes below.


Photography Alasdair McLellan