​alber elbaz fights back against claims that he lacked “creative designs” at lanvin

The designer, who was pushed out after 14 years as creative director, has responded to an all-staff email sent by Lanvin management about the reasons for his removal.

by Charlotte Gush
11 November 2015, 12:14am

Designer Alber Elbaz has hit back at claims made by Lanvin owner Shaw-Lan Wang and CEO Michéle Huiban in an all-staff email sent last Friday that he was removed from the role of Creative Director after 14 years for lacking "creative designs," as well as "'aggression' towards management" and "other 'grave' and 'groundless' accusations," according to a report from WWD.

In a letter to Wang and Huiban, reportedly seen by WWD, Elbaz calls the charges "unjustifiable," instead blaming poor sales on weak management and a lack of both investment and marketing strategy; this sentiment echoes Elbaz's earlier statement about his exit, in which he said he hoped Lanvin, "finds the business vision it needs to engage in the right way forward".

Elbaz reportedly also urged the Lanvin bosses to stop questioning his creative work, warning that he could give a long interview in order to defend his reputation, or even seek legal recourse to get a gagging order.

Workers at Lanvin have sought help from the Paris commercial courts to mediate relations with management since Elbaz's exit, with a court date set for 17 November. Former French culture minister Jack Lang recently used his platform to amplify their voices, calling Elbaz's exit an "unspeakable injustice".

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