mixpak, miami and missy elliott: step into the world of jubilee

Raised on a diet of Miami bass, southern rap and Gloria Estefan, DJ/producer and radio host Jubilee is #blessed.

by Courtney DeWitt
03 March 2015, 10:03pm

Jess Jubilee Gentile is a Brooklyn based dj, producer and radio host who is a crucial member of the unclassifiable Mixpak Records Crew and friends with pretty much every DJ we adore. Today Jubilee drops her two track EP Jealous

Jealous embodies the Miami bass party you always wish you could have attended mixed with the grimey club music of now, creating a sound that isn't a throwback but a jump forwards. i-D caught up with Miss Jubilee after her all-Australian club tour.

You're from Miami but Brooklyn based, I know Miami has been hugely influential on your sound. What makes the city so unique and what was life like as a teenager there, I assume Slip n Slide records fever was insane?
Slip n Slide records wasn't so much an insane fever but a way of life. Everyone was down. You had to be. We didn't realize we were the only area that was lucky enough to have this around at the time. Now that I have moved and I live in a city where everyone is from a different place I realize that I am lucky I grew up where I did. Between Miami bass, Miami rap, Latin freestyle and Gloria Estefan, I feel very #blessed. And as for being a teenager it was kinda crazy because we were all going to clubs by the time we were 15 years old. WTF? 

Can we please see a Miami teenager Jubilee picture?
This photo (below) is of me and Burt Fox, I have no idea what year it was but it was taken at Ultra Music Festival. Burt and I make music together now, we obviously have been sharing the same musical interests since high school and my hair is also in cornrows, too bad you can't really see them there.

We're both massive fans of Trina, how did her recording your DJ drop come about?!
One day I had an email from Nick Catchdubs and the Trina recording was attached. I jumped 10 feet in the air and screamed. My sister was trying to read something and got mad at me for being so noisy and I was just like, "DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT?????" No one understands me.

Mixpak is releasing some amazing artists, Popcaan is massively blowing up. Tell me about the inception of the label, the people involved and the what's coming up in 2015?
Dre Skull is the mastermind behind Mixpak. We have known each other for a long time and used to be roommates. He has always had amazing ideas and an amazing ear for all sorts of music. I have a few records on Mixpak and Dre and I have been working on a Mixpak Soundsystem show with vocalists, we did our first one ever at Carnival in London with Boy Better Know and Lady Leshurr. It was definitely the highlight of my year. Working with one of my best friends and some of my favorite performers is an incredible feeling. Mixpak put out the last Vybz Kartel album and then Popcaan, there are other dancehall artists on the label like Beenie Man and Tifa and Natalie Storm but there are more electronic acts as well like myself, Wildlife, Murlo and Famous Eno. We have also put out records with Lil Scrappy and NOLA Bounce artist Sissy Nobby so we aren't in one lane. Really whoever is awesome will be loved and 2015 is gonna be heavy, I promise.

What other projects do you have in the works? You're seemingly always doing something new be it radio shows, tours or mixes for brands like Opening Ceremony.
I have a new radio show called Flamingo FM that I record from Red Bull Studios in NYC, so I am really busy with that. I have the EP Jealous out in March and some other things in the works that I can't quite talk about yet ;).

You recently toured Australia, a place where you have many friends, is there a different energy playing to an Australian audience? What do you make of how obsessed with DJs and festivals we are, for a country with such a small population comparatively?
I love everyone here, every city was special in its own way. I think you guys are really lucky to have so much cool dance music around you, take Nina Las Vegas on Triple J Radio for example. She has incredible taste and a prime time spot on the air and no one is dictating what she should be playing like American radio does. It really makes a difference when it comes to the culture, she is able to expose the country to so much and it is so important. If you guys weren't so far away I would come here all the time.

That Mixpak merch is hot, where can we cop it?
For all the hot merch and music check our website

Quick Questions with Jubilee

Your top 5 tracks to shut down the club right now are?

Nicki Minaj- Trini Dem GIrls

The Wizard ft Nyanda- Like a Pro (Dubbel Dutch Bootleg)

Girl Unit- Club Rez Rizzla's Club Cecile mix

Spooky- Coolie Joyride

Jubilee- I-95 (Salva Remix)

Style icon?
Missy Elliot

Queen of NYC is?
Has been and will always be Roxy Cottontail

Who is going pop in 2015?

Favorite city?

Australia is….
Happy :)


Love in the club or no love allowed (in the club) ;)
As a dj I try to make sure there is always love in the club. If I witness it I have done my job.

Listen to Jubilee's two track Jealous EP below and download it from i-Tunes.



Text Courtney DeWitt
Photography Jayne Lies

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