​gucci film: the most fun campaign of the season, in motion!

Teen dreams in pussybows, lace, sequins and acid brights race around Berlin at dawn in a campaign film by Glen Luchford.

by Charlotte Gush
13 January 2016, 10:45pm

Having just recovered from swooning at Gucci's dreamy and surreal spring/summer 16 campaign, we've been floored once more by the playful film version, also shot by Glen Luchford, which brings Alessandro Michele's androgynous vision to life.

A steeplechase of beautiful teens run and skate through a deserted Berlin shopping centre in their delicate pussybow blouses, lace, sequins, glitter and stacked heels -- all for both men and women -- before ending up on a rooftop, gazing out over the European party city in the still hours of the early morning.