10 things you need to know about shaughnessy brown

From strange habits to party pranks get to know girl who brought goth to Gucci.

by Tish Weinstock
09 March 2016, 10:38pm

The life of Shaughnessy Brown reads like one giant adventure. The daughter of a real life Flower Child, Shaughnessy grew up in Orlando Florida where she lived with her single mum.

Bored of suburban life in her hometown, the day Shaughnessy Brown graduated high school she set sail in search of stardom in the sunny climes of LA. However, she put her acting dreams on hold, moved to New York, and started to focus on becoming a model - a pretty good one at that. With her long brown hair and gorgeous features, she was your typical girl next door, but inside she felt quite different. It wasn't until she (well, more like superstar hair stylist, Jimmy Paul) chopped off her long locks and styled it into a cool as fuck shaggy 70s cut, that she finally felt like her true self.

Last season, Alessandro Michele cherry picked her to walk in his Cruise 16 catwalk show for Gucci, where she shone in all her gothic glory. Since then she's travelled across the world, collaborated on a project with Depeche Mode and even helped Rodarte celebrate it's 10th anniversary by charging down its autumn/winter 16 catwalk dressed in head to toe black. Funny, fresh, and full of eccentric charm, she's the girl you've gotta know.

1. At first she thought she was too emo for fashion…
"My current agent found me in Florida when I was a teenager. It's crazy getting scouted at that age because its such an awkward time in your life and you have someone going, 'Hey you're really really ridiculously good looking, you should make a career of that' but inside you feel like a random awkward emo kid, and it doesn't really make sense. Anyways we stayed in contact and have been working together since."

2. Modelling helped her find herself…
"You come into this industry really young, you don't know yourself yet but are really forced to look inside and find out who you. It's tough at first, it's taken me some time, but I'm doing my own thing now. I've mentioned this before, but I'm past that wearing a black tank-top and skinny jeans to castings phase of my career. When you meet me for a job, you're getting me in all my glory, if you like me great, lets collab on a project. If not, cool... but you've got to meet the person who would be representing your brand. I think people appreciate that."

3. Walking for Gucci was a dream come true…
"Fantastic! It was my first ever show and Alessandro's first Resort for Gucci. It was also in New York so the electricity and excitement was special to me being so close to home. I got to work with Tom Ford recently, he's a Master! His attention to detail is legendary, Tom is calm and collected. It was a genius moment for me, and an awesome way to start this year off.

4. Cutting her hair was the best thing that happened to her…
"I had been wanting a change anyway, I have this cheap $20 wig I bought and used to put on when I went out sometimes, it's kind of like my hair now. I'd get dressed up in cheap furs and shitty heels and run around the cool bars that the frat guys and Wall Street dudes don't go to... I had a ton of fun in that wig, so I told my agent that I wanted the cut. He said, 'Ok but we have to do it right' so he called up Jimmy Paul and we got it cut with his direction. Best decision ever!"

5. These are her tips for making it in fashion, and actually life in general…
"Do you're own thing. Stay healthy. I think any other answer is kinda cheesy or shallow. I don't wanna get too deep and theological. Being super beautiful won't take you to the top, dude, I was watching House of Cards recently (please pay me for this plug Netflix) but there's a quote in the show that really stayed with me. 'Power is the people you collect' and that stands true in any industry. Be yourself, make friends, collaborate and collect ideas and friendships."

6. She has some wise words on the subject of going out
"Sip Gin, take shots of Whiskey. Don't eat bread before you head out or you'll be in bed by 11pm. Next time you're at a party, go into an empty room and re-arrange it... Move the bed. Change the positions of lamps, put things in odd places. Whoever lives there will be super confused later on"

7. She likes to stick gum in weird places…
"I chew a lot of gum and have a habit of sticking it strange places because I'm too lazy get up every time and put it in the trashcan."

8. She thinks the best thing about being a girl in 2016 is…
"I don't have to have kids or cook dinner for my would-be husband; we can order food online now."

9. Her ultimate girl band would blow you out of the water (and then back in again)
"Kurt Cobain as a girl, Stevie Nicks during the crazy years, Fiona Apple, and MEEEEE. Below are some band names we'd consider; The Scums. I Despise My Roommates. The Fucking Idiots. The Combovers. Hey Sasquatch, What The Hell Are You Doing Here?"

10. Mainly, she just wants to…
"Live for a good while longer."


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10 things you need to know about
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