the full ‘orange is the new black’ season 5 trailer sees litchfield in lockdown

Set over five days, the new season promises to reorder everything we know about the show.

by Wendy Syfret
11 May 2017, 4:15am

Netflix have dropped the first full length trailer for the fifth season of Orange Is The New Black, and in under two and a half minutes it's clear nothing will be the same at Litchfield. Last season left off with the inmates rising up after the death of Poussey. The tragedy came after months of increasing tension over the lack of facilities and continued inhumane treatment.

Set over five days, season five will see the characters join together with a shared goal of taking over the prison. Much of the previous seasons have been concerned with tensions between various groups, but now recognising their shared enemy in the guards, they appear to be establishing their own new order. While it's not clear if the authorities eventually regain control, or the whole season exists during this period of chaos, one thing is certain: there's no going back from this.

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Orange is the New Black