premiere: slow pressure, jikuroux

Britney Spears' voice like never before.

Sep 22 2016, 4:25am

Sydney DJ-turned-producer Jikuroux has spent a few years keeping her cards close to her chest, producing music in secret — even her closet friends had practically no idea what her songs might sound like. Every now and then, she'd slip a sliver of a beat into a mix: little flashes of brilliance with no apparent release to come.

Somehow (we suspect after much convincing) Melbourne producer and DECISIONS label head Air Max '97 got his hands on three of Jikuroux's songs. Together they make her debut EP, Ruptured Pulse. They're beautiful, precise compositions that employ the brutal metallic crashing, crumbling sonic hallmarks of club music with a more exacting touch than we've heard before. It's a cavernous, wet record that's much more human than machine.

i-D is pleased to premiere Slow Pressure, the closing track from the EP. Nothing has ever fallen apart so neatly. 

The Ruptured Pulse EP is available Friday 30 September on DECISIONS. Join Jikuroux for pre-launch party this Friday in Sydney.