gaspar noé compares love to hard drugs

In a new interview, the director explains how his sexual 3D odyssey ‘Love’ is a lot like getting stoned.

by Emily Manning
08 October 2015, 5:05pm

As i-D explored in a think piece last year, love and drugs have tripped hand in hand through many forms of cultural expression since hippies took their first hits in the San Francisco sunshine. Judging by a recently published Paper magazine interview about his forthcoming film Love, director Gaspar Noé would have to agree. Asked what love means to him, Noé responded like a true fiend: "It's like a hardcore drug; you get addicted to it. You get addicted to being in love."

Noé's erotic 3D drama has been making headlines since its NSFW posters were first splashed across the web ahead of its Cannes debut in May. He set a pretty ambitious bar when speaking to Marfa Journal: "With my next film I hope guys will have erections and girls will get wet." Noé explained to Paper how these love-induced physiological reactions often mirror those of a tantalizing trip: "It's like all these chemicals that get released in your brain: serotonin, endorphins, dopamine. They link to your brain and help you fall for a person's smell and their energy. You get stoned with the idea of falling in love," he said.

But just as love can get you high, Noé also explained how it can drop you to the lowest lows: "The moment the relationship falls apart, you're in total pain like a junkie without his needle in his arm. You're shaking. It's extremely addictive," he said. Ultimately though, "the best moments of my life have been moments of love," a rather romantic Noé conceded. "These carnal moments of hugging, kissing, fucking with someone you're obsessed with."

Although Noé feels the film is cool for 12-year-olds, it was recently slapped with a pretty harsh rating in France, which prompted the director to speak out about the future of freedom of expression in films. Love will be released on October 30 in the US, where it somewhat surprisingly remains unrated


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