pills and potions: nicola formachetti's latest streetwear campaign is lit

Nicola is sending this model-free campaign out to all of the ravers.

by i-D Staff
15 February 2016, 3:35am

courtesy Nicopanda

Nicola Formichetti's streetwear label Nicopanda has released their Spring/Summer 2016 campaign, and it's safe to say, this one definitely goes out to the club kids. We can feel the PLUR vibes coming out of our computer screen. Don't worry though, Formachetti's pingas and poppers aren't illicit, they're Nicopanda candy that's only out to release a fashion high. 

The label, if you're unfamilar, is Formichetti's slightly lesser known streetwear project born out of a Tribeca pop-up shop in the Gaga days. Named Nicopanda to pay tribute to the designer's Japanese heritage, the label (much like Bathing Ape) centres around an kuwaii animal emblem. Nicola's described the titular panda as a "kind of a punky version of Hello Kitty."

True to the brand's playful street spirit, Nicola didn't enlist models to front the campaign; instead, he picked his mates and favourite artists. Artist Phillipa Horan and skater Anthony DeFalco are standouts. And remember, Nicola's touching down in Australia for VAMFF very soon.

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