​mother of dragons, emilia clarke, doesn’t want to be known for her breasts

She wants to be known for her acting, duh.

by Tish Weinstock
15 September 2015, 12:46am

From the King Slayer shagging his sister underneath the coffin of their dead son to said son shooting a prostitute with a crossbow; Game of Thrones isn't exactly known for holding back. Sex, incest, rape, violence, guts and gore are the order of the day, but one actor has finally had enough, especially when it comes to her own sex scenes: Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen aka Emilia Clarke told the Daily Mail, "I'm British, so I cringe at that sort of thing anyway - I can't stand it. I don't want to have sex thrown in my face and I've always thought the suggestion is so much more titillating than the act itself."

Of course it hasn't always been this way, in fact, in one of her first ever scenes she is totally naked, having just got out of the bath, while her brother fondles her breast. But according to her co-star Oona Chaplin, two years ago the 28-year-old Khaleesi told showrunners that she would not be taking part in any more nude scenes because she "wanted to be known for her acting, not her breasts." However, despite her views on nudity, she still maintains that Game of Thrones is a show that empowers women as opposed to objectifies them. "I think that's the beauty of the show: as women, we accept our femininity and take strength from it, as opposed to trying to hide it and behave in a masculine way."

Elsewhere in Westeros, the cast and crew are so desperate to thwart the prying eyes of super fans and set spies who are on the look out for season 6 spoilers that they've resorted to practical jokes. On a set in Girona a White Walker peers out through a windowWhich is funny, sure, but not as lol as when Nikolaj Coster-Waldau posed in a video with a toy duck.

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