free-spirited nudity and surreal landscapes define kate bellm’s imagery

Intimate and iridescent, raw and romantic, we’d expect nothing less for the British photographer’s first solo show.

by Catherine Kirby
16 November 2017, 11:00pm

For Kate Bellm, photography is an opportunity to capture the world and a chance to engage with the natural wonders that inhabit it. Intimate and iridescent, raw and romantic, Kate’s first solo exhibition, NIGHT SKY RISING, explores the wild beauty of nature through a surreal lens. From idealistic landscapes to free-spirited nudes, each photograph tempts you deeper into Kate’s hypnotic perspective. At a time when the world is so rife with tension, the British-born photographer offers a sense of escapism, steeped in the spirit of freedom, youth and nature that is so often lost and overlooked.

"The most important feeling that I want to convey through my work right now is a sense of freedom and the ability to live with less and accomplish anything,” Kate tells i-D. “My favourite piece in this show is of my husband Edgar skating down an ocean road in Mexico. To me it represents the feeling of true freedom that pushes me to keep traveling, meeting inspiring people and continually testing myself. If nothing else… hopefully I can inspire that in others."

Opening at LAMB ARTS on 23 November, the exhibition comprises an eclectic mix of archival and new photographs, and a series of sketches and notebooks. NIGHT SKY RISING offers an intensely wild insight into Kate’s world; a world full of imagination, colour and nudes.

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

Kate Bellm
night sky rising