switch the the frequency between 70s rock and 00s grime with casely-hayford spring/summer 17

Adjusting the dial between two very different vocabularies of anti-establishment music movements, Casely-Hayford cut through the white noise to produce one distinct sound of rebellion.

by Steve Salter
12 June 2016, 11:46pm

"We often have this conversation about a pre and post internet world and this time we explore how the parochial codes of 70s rock and 00s grime develop," Charlie explains backstage. "Specifically, how grime can exist in the same, or at least a family way in Tokyo, whereas when my Dad was growing we had small pockets of subcultures. Both cultures emerged from the music but it's about a cacophony of globe spanning influences" From 70s rock's clashing prints which evoke traditional Moroccan and Palestinian dress to the clean streamlined minimalism of grime's sportswear, it remixed so much. Through distortion and manipulation, even the most familiar became fresh. "Our business is founded on tailoring. What we tried to push further than ever was the textiles. We worked with traditional mills on the weaves and manipulated them, it's about taking something quite traditional and experimenting with it." It was clear that the pair enjoyed their fabric play and hinted it was just the beginning. 

"We took the decision to introduce the womenswear because we're working on a new concept of a bespoke wardrobe - all of the womenswear pieces will be made-to-measure. In a ready-to-wear market which is quite saturated, our customer craves for something more unique. We've been working on developing our fabrications over a number of years and we'll be working with our clients on customising them further. That is the future of fashion - taking personalisation to the next level."


Photography Piczo

London Collections: Men
spring/summer 17
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