mac makes beautiful music with dej loaf, halsey, lion babe, and tinashe

The iconic makeup brand gets its inspiration for its latest collection from four music-industry rising stars.

by Tish Weinstock
06 February 2016, 1:25am

Continuing their longtime love affair with all things music, makeup brand MAC has teamed up with four of the industry's hottest rising talents, Dej Loaf, Halsey, Lion Babe and Tinashe, to launch its latest collection: Future Forward. 

Capturing the unique beauty of each musician, the collection will include a nine color eye shadow palette to get you looking like Tinashe, a bluish grey lipstick to match the color of Halsey's hair, a peachy nude lip gloss to channel Dej Loaf and, finally, a metallic gold liner to bring out the inner Lion Babe in you. 

"MAC has always been a supporter of both established and emerging talents in the music industry," says MAC Senior Vice President James Gager, "We have a solid record of identifying and providing unique support to them at the beginning of their careers. With the Future Forward collaboration, we admired each artist's distinctive sense of style and point of view on beauty. Tinashe is more of an eye girl so she knew right away she wanted to do an eye shadow palette. Halsey had this striking blue hair and really liked that bluish, grey lipstick tone, a bit 90's. Lion Babe has a lioness persona with her voluminous golden mane. A metallic gold eye liner fits her perfectly. Dej Loaf prefers a more minimal makeup look so the shimmery, versatile lip gloss worked for her. Each of their personalities are fully expressed in their product." With the collection hitting stores next month, there's a lot to look forward to.


Text Tish Weinstock
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