10 things to know about daye jack

Firstly, the future star's name is pronounced 'Die-Yay'... you'll be glad we schooled you.

by Courtney DeWitt
18 August 2015, 7:35am

'Experimental hip hop' is a label thrown around oft too thoughtlessly, we are after all living in an era where genre has been rendered redundant and the new wave of musical stars all raised on i-Pod shuffles and playlists are equally influenced by pop, rap, rock, metal, edm and everything inbetween. Eighteen year old wunderkind, Daye Jack, exemplifies this genre defying notion with a hypnotically soulful sound that weaves his native Atlanta, New York freshman days and current LA life into a idiosyncratic warm warp of smooth cheek and charm.

Prior to releasing his debut mixtape, Hello World, up to the Soundcloud sphere last year, Daye was a computer science major at NYU. After much love and praise for Hello World from New York institutions, The Village Voice and The Fader, Daye resisted major label calls and continued his studies whilst creating his sophomore effort, Soul Glitch. Soul Glitch's refined sound soon become enough of a 'big deal' for Daye to put school on hold and head out west to work on his debut record for Warner Bros. In the midst of recording in sunny Los Angeles i-D checked in with Daye to discover a few crucial facts about the philosophical artist to watch.

1. Daye is pronounced 'Die-yay'. 
"It looks like 'day jack' but it's pronounced 'die-yay jack'. I had a pregnant counsellor in high school, looking at baby names, tell me that she really loved my name and she mispronounced it 'day jack'."

2. He loves his iPod.
"I didn't actively listen to music until I got an mp3 player for my 11th birthday. It was a white iPod shuffle. It was freeing to finally have the access of picking my own music, and curating the songs I'd listen to on a given week. I was young, but found a lot of the rap gems that did influence me eventually writing my own songs. I wish I still had that iPod as a memento."

3. He thanks the Internet for his EP.
"I worked with a good group of European producers that I linked with over the Internet on my latest release Soul Glitch. I was living in New York studying computer science in college at the time, and I was very much landlocked."

4. He likes to draw.
"I wanted to be an artist like a painter, or a cartoonist. I doodled religiously when I was younger on anything that I could get my hands on."

5. He calls himself a renaissance man.
"I see myself branching out and working with tech companies, and bringing my ideas, and my music to them. That's always been a dream of mine. Who's going to have the first VR concert?"

6. He's all about suburban life.
"I think the suburbs is the most futuristic version of living. I'm biased. I grew up in a suburb, in Metro Atlanta. The pace is much slower; the air is different. Each house is like its own island, and you curate your own experience."

7. He wants to build a commune one day.
"I live alone in LA right now. I like to spend much of my time when I'm home alone. It's like my sanctuary where I reboot after a day in the studio. But a part of me wants to jump out of that, and into the opposite way of living. Where it's a commune and I have to connect and live in symbiosis with some strangers at all times. It's bohemian, I think I'd like it."

8. He's a closer.
"I try to finish things I start be it books, movies, albums.. to kind of teach myself to not get distracted. I don't want to ever be so anxious that I forget how to sit still and fully enjoy someone elses work."

9. He writes notes for his future self.
"My first note to self was 'write your ideas down and believe they're worth something'."

10. His favourite book is…
"The Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography. Steve Jobs is a hero of mine and whenever I read that biography I feel like I'm in a room with him watching him work, seeing how he pushes boundaries - changing what's supposed to be real and what's not."



Text Courtney DeWitt
Photography Courtesy Warner

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