the soundtrack to your weekend ft. starcrawler, jamila woods and hmltd

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

by Frankie Dunn and Matthew Whitehouse
05 May 2017, 11:02pm

Starcrawler, Ants
Meet Rough Trade's new secret weapon. Frontwoman Arrow de Wildechild might still be in school but that's not going to stop her performing in a straightjacket with a mouthful of blood. Oh and she's got ants, by the way.

Nilüfer Yanya, Golden Cage
Good old Nilüfer Yanya here, summoning the spirit of jazz for Golden Cage, the latest single from her freshly announced second EP, Plant Feed. She says it's about "knowing you're caught up in something but you have no desire to attempt to leave". Sounds like us down the pub on Saturday afternoon, but at least she got a good song out of it, eh?

Justice, Randy (Boys Noize Remix)
Taken from the forthcoming Ed Banger Records 100th release celebration compilation, the imaginatively titled Ed Rec 100, Boys Noize have done us an amped up take on Justice's Randy. What a European dream team.

Cartae, Long Time
Another week, another very good song produced by Ragz Originale of Shutdown fame. This time it's up and coming Londoner Cartae who gets the Ragz treatment, following on from her vocal contribution to Skepta album track Text Me Back. She was dubbed "the future" by him on Twitter and seems to be carving out a very nice niche for bass-driven, alternative pop. Hats off to all involved.

Jamila Woods, Holy
Now we've got Jamila with exactly the kind of declaration of self-love and self-preservation that we needed this morning. Once her mantra has washed a soft euphoria over you, you might want to explore previous collaborations with Chance the Rapper and Noname.

HMLTD, music!
Hey, look! It's our friends and yours HMLTD with another new song, the b-side to latest single, the very good To The Door. We had a nice chat with them for the latest issue and you can read all about it here, if you're into that sort of thing.

Astro Raw, Rawmix vol 1.
Remember that handsome producer from LION BABE? Yesterday he put out an impressive 14 track mixtape full of Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys, and Wiz Khalifa remixes. We were impressed from the moment the flute dropped on YaHEY. Quick! Somebody book us to DJ, 'cause we've just acquired a whole set worth of new material.

In the mood for some subdued, string-laden pop music? Look no further than London's CYMBALS. Following a little hiatus after their rather incredible last record, it's lovely to have them back in business. They've a new album, Light In Your Mind, due out on 25 August and if you're really in the mood they're on a UK tour all the way through this month.

RL Grime, Reims
We went to Reims once. It's a nice city not too far from Paris with lots of wine and a good cathedral. It's unclear why this new tune is named after it, but in his departure from trap, we're into RL Grime's cinematic future bass adventure and its Windows media player visuals.

GFOTY, The Argument
What on earth is PC Music mainstay GFOTY going on about in this? We've literally no idea but it sounds good, doesn't it?


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