jonnine standish and unconscious collective are starting religions and parties

It's called 'Technopaganism' and it's going to get weird.

by i-D Staff
21 January 2016, 12:50am

HTRK's Jonnine StandishMPavilion's Jessie French and experimental artistic collaboration Unconscious Collective have a new religion, and they want you to join them. Calling it Technopaganism it's a celebration of music, dance, art and technology.

This Sunday church will be in session when the moon is full. They're transforming Melbourne's MPavilion into a cosmic destination of shamanic proportions. The familiar space will bloom into a digital forest canopy with a unique synthesised soundscape powered and played by our own bodies.

To make this possible, Unconscious Collective have designed HYPNAPOD moon-age beanbags for guest to relax in while they merge into the space around them. The moonbags sync with heartbeats and feed the physical information to the sound and vision displays. Your pulse, breath and heartbeat will literally be playing music and dancing around you.

Then, at witching hour, when your body is totally one with the space, the full-moon ritual will begin. Never been to a Luna party before? Don't worry, it'll be lead by their resident Shaman and her entrancing dancing tribe—featuring Benjamin Hancock, James Andrews and Lauren Langlois.

On the night, limited edition signed and numbered prints by Phebe Schmidt that were inspired by the space will be available to buy for $40 each of $80 for the set.

Proceeds from the sales will go to youth mental health charity Headspace.

Entry is free, RSVP on Facebook for more information and updates.


Photography Phebe Schmidt
Art Direction Jonnine Standish and Jessie French
Stylist Thalea Michos Vellis with Issey Miyake courtesy of Shifting Worlds
Hair and Make Up Collette Miller
Model Ruken Elif