the beguiling romance of daisy: how the sydney brand seduced global fashion in a season

Sex, fetish, history and mindfulness — welcome to the world of DAISY.

by Wendy Syfret
02 August 2016, 4:30am

When we first caught up with Sydney label DAISY last year they were as farm fresh as their debut collection Pure Country; a crisp take on the milkmaid fantasy. For the collection imagery, they cast their muse Hannah Elyse as a Bambi-legged Victorian dream with a walk on part in Dukes of Hazzard. If you know prolific husband and wife team Gibson and Renee Fox, of Feel the Future, the brilliant label is no surprise.

We were hardly their only fans, almost immediately DAISY was marked as something special and the world took notice. Now stocked in Opening Ceremony, featured in endless international editorials and beloved by countless cool girls — including Kim Kardashian and Petra Collins — Gibson and Renee are clearly onto something.

In their latest collection Human Emotion Renee and Gibson look inward, meditating on philosophy and consciousness while tying the tenements of enlightenment to our present fixation on mindfulness. Imbuing big questions with the brand's innate sexuality the result is deeply romantic, not unlike the couple themselves, striking in style with the shadow of a love story just out of view. We spoke to Renee about pulling it all together, and what it's like having the world fall for you.

From the outside DAISY is in the middle of this crazy assent, but from the inside it probably feels quite different. Was there a single moment you could point to when you were like, "shit, this is going to really be something"?
Getting the message from Opening Ceremony in our Insta DM's! We'd just started DAISY and we didn't have a plan. When OC reached out it really changed our perspective, it's rare to be given the chance to connect to such a large scale community. They're like a family to us now.

It's not surprised it began with a DM, so much of your success has felt so low-key and natural. But I'm interested, from a practical point of view, what happens after someone like Kim Kardashian wears your label.
It was a complete surprise. We don't have an agency or PR, Kim found DAISY totally organically. We adore her so it was pretty special. We sold out of Pure Country in a few hours.

So a celebrity like her really can impact the future or shape of a label.
It's beyond what we might've imagined for our first season. Kim is iconic and has such a strong presence in fashion. We don't know about the future, but it's definitely felt hugely positive so far. Our phones have been popping off non-stop since.

When you do start to get high profile attention like that, does it change the way you look at what you're designing? Do you start thinking, what would this look like on Instagram?
I wouldn't say we have a very "calculated" approach to design, our process is more instinctive than analytical or formulated. Things like Instagram-ability don't really register in our minds. We've been so taken aback by all the #DAISYGIRLS on Instagram. It's really meaningful to connect with people we admire, like @petrafcollins, @ali_michael and @katenyc.

A lot of this high profile support has been from the US, do you feel like a global brand?
We are super proud to be Australian made, we love being based here and producing DAISY locally. Australia is incredible. It's a bit of a mystery why DAISY is better received overseas.

Tell us about how local and international responses have differed.
American Vogue said if we moved to the US they'd be throwing us champagne parties. In comparison we're relatively unknown in Australia. Maybe it's because DAISY doesn't fit into the Australian wardrobe stereotypes of the past, and the fashion media here is very guarded. It's not just about DAISY, overall there aren't many platforms for young Australians to access new things. There isn't much diversity in our fashion media, it's quite rigid and doesn't have room for unconventional aesthetics, but thank god the internet exists and none of that really matters anymore.

Let's talk about your aesthetic for a moment: the echoes of history references in your stuff is really interesting. Where does that come from?
Human Emotion has strong philosophical influences. We're interested in the epic shift in consciousness that spanned the 14th and 17th centuries. How the brutality of medieval living gave way to the earliest realisations of self and the refutal of religious rule - the foundations of modern mindfulness.

How has that progressed from what you explored with Pure Country?
We're pretty fluid. Pure Country, was character driven and drew on cinematic influences but Human Emotion is more introspective and focussed on an emotional landscape. We're probably more concept-minded than committed to the idea of a specific personality.

You've really built an amazing community around DAISY, tell us about the people who fuel the label.
We love working with Hannah, she is amazing. We've been really close to each other since we first met. She's like a little sister. She's very world-wise for a teenager but can also be tender and quiet. She's very special. There's so many incredible DAISY girls who give us inspiration and support but our beautiful friends Mateja and Charmaine are endlessly influential. They bring DAISY to life!

So much has happened in a year, have you seen your ideas around success shift?
We revisit our idea of success all the time. I think as a bottom-line we always want to be together and we put a lot of our efforts towards that.

Last question: what are you obsessed with, right this minute?
Lil' Saint and Nori West! Can't wait til we have our own baby to dress up in DAISY.


Text Wendy Syfret
Photography Gibson Fox

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