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Share it, like, it, read it, own it, heart it. In the age of accelerated celebrity, incessant likes and trolling haters, we asked some young Londoners what "popular" means today.

by i-D Staff
08 December 2015, 4:21am

What do you do?
I mostly stroll around the West End, taking pictures of, people, different locations as well as archaic buildings. However, whilst I'm home, I do enjoy listening to some music, mainly jazz, funk, rock and rap or watching either a show or a movie on Netflix.

What does "popular" mean to you?
It means being happy with who you are,  not caring what other peoples perception of you is. Popular is an excuse for adequacy. I don't consider myself popular and to be honest I'd rather not be, especially in the society that we live in today. The majority instead of the minority would define being popular as having a lot of followers on Instagram or social media, that's not popularity, that's someone witnessing or discovering a special skill you have.

Do you care how many followers you have on Instagram?
Having followers on Instagram can be cool, especially if you want your profile to look genuine, but don't let Instagram judge your popularity. I don't believe that some people should be honored and looked up to as a higher being because of a few digits displayed on an app.

Whose accounts do you double tap the most on instagram?
The Modern Issue, Pharrell, Scott Watts and Tylersphotos.

Who was the most popular person in your school and what did you think of them?
Judging by my answers to the last questions you would know already how I feel about the word popular.

Who is the ultimate pop icon?
I have no idea. Isn't it still Justin Bieber? My pop icons, as well as inspirations to me our Pharrell and Prince.

What's your favourite pop lyric?

"Don't be dethroned by these systems of control. Just keep your fingers crossed and keep them locks off your soul" Ab-Soul, Book of Soul



Photography Lily Bertrand-Webb

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