tyler, the creator shouts out timothée chalamet in his new track

Flower boy is buzzin’.

by Frankie Dunn
30 March 2018, 6:24am

We were about ready to slide on out the door and into our long Easter weekend when Tyler, The Creator decided to share not just a brand new track, but a video too. He announced the release across a long chain of cute tweets:

"Hi there, so um, I've been super busy, it's great. Isle of Dogs was cool, sunsets have been nice, I followed my first meme page. I spend a lot of time avoiding people and convos and now I feel like a small owl. Back in Jan I made a song on some rap shit before tour, just talking, and like 4/5 days ago I was like: yo man! I should shoot something to this and just put it out for fun and move on with my life or it'll sit on my hard drive like a lot of other things. So here, OKRA"

Although he refers to OKRA as “a throwaway song” in the video caption, we beg to differ. It bangs, with fast flowing bars that include the line, “tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me”. Guess Tyler’s also a fan of the Call Me By Your Name actor?

The accompanying video features a speeding car with suicide doors, a GOLF le FLEUR Converse-adorned Tyler, gold grills and loads of strobe. The director is credited as Wolf Haley -- one of Tyler’s many alter egos -- making this a last minute DIY job done fucking well. “I will promote this song for the next 5 days, then continue to live a normal life, thank you,” he said on Twitter. No Tyler, thank you.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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