​rihanna releases new single, bitch better have my money

First the awesome artwork, now the top notch new track. Riri’s back.

by Stuart Brumfitt
27 March 2015, 12:37am

We've already had Towards The Sun and FourFiveSeconds with Kanye and Paul McCartney, but the latest release from Rihanna's upcoming album, the Deputy-produced Bitch Better Have My Money, feels like the true return of @badgalriri. Kicking off with a "yeah-yo" and a "mou-la-la", she goes on the offensive singing, "Who you think you're fronting on?" before taunting her victim, laughing that they bought a shot whilst she's supping on some Louis Thirteen (Remy Martin cognac at roughly £1750 a bottle). The ultimate message is "Pay me what you owe me. Don't act like you forgot" and for that the hashtag #BBHMM is the ultimate new demand if someone fails to say #IOU. After some softer numbers from the singer, we're back to one of her classic tracks with 'tude in the vein of Rude Boy, S&M and Pour It Up. It's just one more taste of the beautiful banquet R8 promises to be.

Listen now.

Bitch Better Have My Money