celebrating the powerful women of studio ghibli films

Spend a few minutes with cinema’s greatest heroines

by Wendy Syfret
28 September 2016, 3:06am

In 2016, a lot of space has been dedicated to the strengths and failings of female representation in film. But while movies such as Tangerine and White Girls have diverted a traditional cinema gaze, and filmmakers like Ava DuVernay and Andrea Arnol are making waves, it's worth noting that Studio Ghibli has had this shit on lock for decades.

Founder Hayao Miyazaki began serving up strong, complex and inspiring female leads when Nausicaä took on surrealist environmental destruction in 1984, and in the years since the studio's universe has been flooded with iconic heroines. Film journalist Leigh Singer has paid homage to their 30 year commitment in her super cut The Heroines of Studio Ghibli. Featuring clips from 15 films, she admits in the video description that there were so many legends she struggled to choose who to include. What a wonderful problem to have. 

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