all the reasons kim kardashian deserves the cfda's 'fashion oscar'

With the Nobel Prize cancelled, only Kim has the answers.

by Jack Sunnucks
09 May 2018, 10:00pm

Screenshot via Instagram

With the Nobel prize cancelled this year, obviously public attention has instead shifted to the CFDA Awards, which honor the best people in the world, as long as it’s the fashion world. This year, they’ve in fact come up with a whole award just for Kim Kardashian West. The Influencer Award will be presented to her on June 4th, in front of the entirety of the New York fashion industry, who by this point probably all owe her their livelihoods to some extent. “Over the past decade, Kim Kardashian West has mastered the meaning of influence in the digital age,” said CFDA chairwoman Diane Von Furstenberg in an understated press release.

In all honesty, she’s not wrong — Kim Kardashian has irreversibly changed the way we consume celebrity. Has Kim Kardashian in fact simply mastered the meaning of everything? What’s clear is that modern celebrity can be divided into BK and AK (obviously, before Kim and after Kim). Here’s why she deserves to be honored:

She invented a new body shape.

Before Kim, the idealized female shape in fashion was straight up and down, with just the slightest suggestion of curves (curvy hair maybe?). After Kim, this is still the norm in the fashion industry, but nobody cares about fashion anymore because of Kim’s fabulous, great, big bottom. Literally, her ass blocked out the sun, and the sun in this case is fashion and all the people who work in it. Now, we have an entire legion of (possibly) surgically altered types on Instagram who emulate her gravity-defying curves, including her own sisters. The Fashion Nova silhouette has become the defining one of our generation, and it’s just as hard to emulate as being totally emaciated. #Goals, indeed. Kim deserves an award for making the ideal body even more unattainable.

She reinvented the face, and the beauty industry.

Are you even wearing makeup if you’re not contoured to within an inch of your mortal life? Not if you want to look totally “snatched.” Kim et al changed the beauty game without having to partner with a conglomerate, launching their lip kits on unsuspecting world. Now, the ne plus ultra of beauty isn’t an expensive palette you agonize over at a beauty counter, it’s a beige, creme filled wand you can only buy on Kim’s website. This is the meaning of democracy, or maybe capitalism. For changing both the way we consume beauty, and the way it looks on our faces (say it with me, “snatched”), Kim deserves an award.

She gave birth to Instagram.

Before Kim, if you wanted to know what to wear, you had to look into the pages of a magazine, or ask your single Aunt Barb who was stylish and lived in the big city. Now, you just have to look at Kim and her kind’s Instagrams to be instantly bombarded with images of editorialized women. And it’s not just Kim types, it’s every type of women, man, and over-sexualized animal — they’re all on Instagram. Kim invented Instagram, the magazine of the future, and for this she deserves either an award or a lifetime of imprisonment in a tower. For the severe case of carpal tunnel we’re all dealing with from scrolling, Kim deserves an award.

All the other things Kim invented.

Include Calabasas, the West Coast in general, reality TV, TV, Makeup by Mario, Kris Jenner, The Met Gala, sisters, waist trainers, and oversize salads. She also invented awards.

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