this week instagram is taking on fashion’s diversity problem

Their #RunwayForAll campaign is bringing the conversation to 162 million people.

01 June 2016, 5:40am

Image via Instagram

This week Instagram is doing their bit to celebrate diversity in fashion with their #RunwayForAll campaign. Each day they're featuring a different model's story, all who challenge and redefine traditional standards of beauty.

First up was Mama Cax: a Haiti raised, New York based model whose fight with bone and lung cancer at the age of 14 resulted in her right leg being amputated. In the post she reflects, "One of the greatest barriers is not belonging. Through modelling I hope to show that beauty does not always wear a size zero and beauty does not always walk on two limbs."

Mama was followed by the multi talented Shaun Ross, who opened up about his experience as the first male model with albinism as well as being openly gay in an industry that traditionally prioritised mainstream masculinity in men. He wrote, "I remember when I first entered the industry all I saw were models that looked the same." Continuing, "Now here we are almost 10 years later, and I see the choice I've made has helped the industry to see beauty in many ways, such as casting models and rising icons like @winnieharlow@jilly_peppa and more to help lead the fight with me to diversity."

This initiative follows recent efforts such as #WhyIMove, that highlighted dancers around the world and #MyStory, a profile series of inspiring women. Whilst some may label the initiative as opportunistic, or a way to piggyback the media's growing conversation about pushing back on culturally ingrained beauty standards, one thing is sure—by bringing the issue to their 162 million followers they're lending their enormous influence to a good cause.


Text Kasumi Borczyk
Image via @instagram