​how to destroy body-shaming trolls in four simple pics

Just follow Sara Petty’s lead.

by Tish Weinstock
20 March 2016, 10:34pm

Another day, another news piece about online trolls and their body-shaming bullshit. However, this one has a happy ending. Tired of seeing endless tweets from women attacking other women about their weight, Sara Petty took to social media to get her sweet revenge. Juxtaposing mean tweets like "if ur over 200 pounds don't wear leggings" and "You over 22 pounds and got the audacity to wear a crop top…" with images of her in leggings and a crop top, respectively, Sara proved that, actually, women can wear whatever the fuck they want, whatever their size, shape or colour.

"We have a lot going against us as women, we don't need other women against us, too," she told HuffPo. "I also hope that girls are able to separate who they are from the number that shows up on the scale, and realise there is no number, high or low, that dictates if you're worthy of feeling beautiful. Body-shaming will probably always be there in some way, but I hope my post helps at least some women feel beautiful in spite of it." So take that, trolls.

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