laila: music to...bring you back and move you forward

This week Australian DJ, producer, sound designer and event organiser Laila brings us a mix full of guilty pleasures, old and new.

by Briony Wright
20 February 2015, 12:40am

Photography Louis Horne

In between residencies at various clubs and galleries, playing fashion parties for the likes of P.A.M and Lucy Folk, performing as one half of the electronic duo Perfume Production and hosting her own parties Day Care and Girls Club, Laila kindly made us a mix. She went with a feeling rather than committing to a genre, sound or era and the result is an awesome journey. Also stay tuned for her debut solo EP, launching soon. laila-sakini 


Autechre - Bike

Tin Man - Nonneo (Donato Dozzy Remix)

Baba Stiltz - Palats

Funkineven - Eqypt

Primitive World - Danceteria

Privacy - Chemical History

Max Cooper - Impacts (Original Mix)

Morphology - Inertial Motion

Hypnobeat - Kirlian (Unreleased)

Drexciya - Birth Of New Life

Phran - Bad Format

Cooly G - Narst

R-Zone - Jungle Raver

Château Flight - Cosmic Race

e-Dancer - Heavenly

Baba Stiltz - Aches

Traffickers - The Reflecting Skin


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