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The model of the moment shares his thoughts on his new zine, launching tomorrow night, featuring contributions from Collier Schorr, Willy Vanderperre and Gosha Rubchinskiy.

by Felix Petty
21 June 2016, 11:50pm

Paul Hameline is one of those models who has transcended beyond being a mere clotheshorse. A male model who has become the star of Paris' new fashion underground, a regular in the Instagram accounts of photographers like Collier Schorr and Willy Vanderperre, stylists like Lotta Volkova, he's graced the catwalks of Maison Margiela, Vetements, and Prada. But beyond the limelight, he's an artist who has worked on the prints for Ann Demeulemeester's menswear collections and continues to work in collage, video and photography, having graduated from ECAL in Lausanne, before returning to his native Paris. His work is inspired by the world around him, his taste in music and films, from Death in June to Pier Paolo Pasolini. You just need to dip a toe into his anarchically funny Instagram account to see his influences.

He's bringing it all together in a new zine he's made, Rave New World, launching tomorrow night at Paris' cult shop The Broken Arm as Paris' menswear week gets underway. For Rave New World Paul has brought his eye and his world to the printed page in a super limited edition that will only be available for one night, featuring contributions from Collier Schorr, Willy Vanderperre, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Peter De Potter, Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Mica Arganaraz, Anouk Rabot, Kelsey Henderson, and Lea Combacal. Rave New World is Paul's artistic scrapbook, made up of work by his friends and creative community, a dialogue between Paul and his world, the people who inspire and motivate him, a kind of diary by proxy, written by his friends instead of by himself.

Willy Vanderperre

What made you want to make this zine?
As you may know, each contributor is a close friend of mine. We gravitate around one another. Like a the gears of a clock, metaphorically speaking. The artists present in Rave New World are more or less linked to each other, a bit like an art collective. It's a very personal project, I wanted to leave a trace of this moment.

The title is obviously a reference to Brave New World...
The novel is very important to me, it was one of the first publications where I encountered a political and social analysis of "modern society". It helped me to shape my critical vision and enlightened values and principles that are still accurate to me, and will always be.

And what does rave mean to you?
For me, it means you can't recognise a friend from a stranger, it's dark, it's sweaty, the music blasting and you can feel your heartbeat, we're all in there for the same reason, the same purpose, the same duty. All together, we then form an energy similar to a faceless army troupe.

What do you want the zine to say?
Rave New World doesn't have the pretentiousness to be willing to share a message. It is a zine, not an essay, not a statement, and not anything else. 200 copies of Rave New World were printed in Paris for my friends and myself to have, to keep a trace. That's all. It doesn't say anything, it's a memory. A shared memory between each collaborator and myself, which justifies the fact that it won't be purchasable anywhere besides the launch on the 22nd.

Collier Schorr

How would you describe your input?
It has my eye and my name on the back cover! This zine isn't about me, it's about my friends and my relationship with them. They're the ones that influence me, inspire me, motivate me and make me do what I do. They're the ones that shaped me. So the zine is 'Paul-free'. Nevertheless, each person that will purchase a zine will have a A3 signed and limited edition poster of one of my collages. That's it.

How did you go about selecting your contributors?
I didn't overthink it. I was at home, took a piece of paper (more than one hehe!), wrote down all the names of my friends who were collage artists, painters, writers, photographers, stylists, video artists, musicians, designers, and so on. And just selected which ones should be in the first issue of Rave New World. There wasn't any criteria or anything, it's simple, you're my friend, meaning you inspire me and touch me, you're in it. And since it's a bi-annual project, there'll be more to come!

They're all obviously people associated with you, is it like a document of your life in a way?
Yes, exactly. I describe it as being a paradoxical personal diary. Let me explain to you. Rave New World is my personal diary "written" by my friends, my surroundings, my world. I think that each person is born as a mass of clay and it's your life experience, friends etc. who molds you and helps your persona to evolve. I deeply know that each one of the contributors and the ones that will be present in the next issues are one of the reason why I am who I am today, and who I will be in the future.

Image via Instagram

What's your favourite contribution in the zine?
It's my newborn, I love the entirety of it, all of it! No less, no more.

Who would be your dream contributors? I don't have any dream contributors. They're exclusively friends of mine. So yes it is a dream they all accepted to be a part of it, and I'm extremely happy and proud about it. But no, I don't dream to have anyone in it, I'm realistic, I want my friends in it full stop. Plus, it would break the privacy and subtlety, of it if this relationship that I have with each contributor was missing with one.

What else do we have to look forward to from you?
I'm starting to work on the next issue of Rave New World. On the side I'm also working on a forthcoming zine which will be dictated by my collages exclusively and an exhibition to present it. 

Rave New World will be available tomorrow at The Broken Arm, 12 Rue Perree, Paris


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